Legacy Direct Instruction Programs

Legacy High School’s direct instruction program is one in which the student’s educational instruction occurs within on-campus classroom settings, similar to those found in traditional school programs.

Legacy High School’s direct instruction program consists of both high school and middle school levels.  The high school program is referred to as either Legacy Classroom or Legacy High School.  The middle school program is identified as R.E.A.C.H.

Students enrolled in Legacy Classroom may also pursue enrollment in other educational courses such as those offerred by the Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick and the Running Start program at Columbia Basin College in Pasco.


Vision and Mission of the Legacy Direct Instruction Program

The vision of the Legacy Direct Instruction Program is to build on student’s strengths and to provide mentors and community support while creating opportunities for the future by helping students master the basics, demonstrate knowledge, and apply themselves through internships and advanced studies.

We are a learning community committed to a relevant and rigorous strength-based curriculum, which strives to develop positive, supportive, safe and healthy relationships with all students, to facilitate their future focus on becoming productive citizens.